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  • Answer my questions about copy and persuasion

  • Show me proven ways to fire-up prospects

  • Critique each piece of sales copy I write

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To your success,

Alex Cohen


“The bottom line of your quest for wealth and fame will always and forever be your ability to craft a killer sales pitch.” (John Carlton) 


It became a control

“I put together a great offer, but my sales letter just felt like it was missing something.  So I hired Alex to work on it.   

The moment I saw his suggestions, I knew the sales letter would do well.  It became a control, making money by running paid traffic straight to the offer (if you've been marketing for a while, you know that's tough to do).  

Alex is professional and easy to work with.  He's one of the very few people I trust to even touch my copy.”

Jason Parker


Expert in marketing and copywriting

“Alex Cohen has that rare quality of being both an expert in marketing and copywriting.  He is able to formulate a killer marketing plan and then perfectly translate it to copy that really works.

Alex has been a huge help to me and brought my work to a level I could not have achieved easily on my own.” 

Edward W. Smith
Author, Speaker, TV Host
Bright Moment


A patient and encouraging ally

“I just wrapped up my first sales letter, and you were right there with me through four consecutive drafts.

I can't imagine a more patient and encouraging ally."

Jay Josephs
White Plains, NY


He'll far exceed your expectations

“I spent 10 years getting two degrees from prestigious colleges and universities, and I’d gladly put the training I received from Alex ahead of any of that. 

He’ll far exceed any expectations you have for a coach in writing copy.”

Mark Ellis
Richmond, KY


Ability to break through the clutter

“After spending years trying to 'break the code' on how to promote my products on the Internet, I discovered Alex. Alex is a rarity in these extremely knowledgeable, empathetic coach.

I've found his ability to break through the clutter and deliver the essence of what's required in the simplest language possible to be invaluable.

I highly recommend Alex for any help you may need in developing your presence on the Internet.”

George H. Lutz
ThinkFutureFirst, Inc
Yonges Island, SC



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