On-Call Copywriting

Terms of Service


The Client and the Copywriter agree as follows:

1.  Services 

The Copywriter shall provide the Client with answers to questions about copy and persuasion, proven ways to fire-up prospects, and critique each piece of sales copy I write.

The Copywriter shall provide up to 10 hours of his time depending on the number of hours selected.

2.  Compensation 

As full consideration for the Services provided, the Client shall pay between $195 and $650 depending on the number of hours selected. 

3.  Confidentiality 

The Copywriter shall not publicly disclose any private information about the Client or the Client's business.

4.  Performance

The Copywriter does not guarantee specific results.

5. Relationship

The Client and the Copywriter shall communicate primarily through e-mail and/or Facebook instant messaging. 

The Copywriter is normally available 14 hours a day, Noon to 2:00 AMt, Eastern Time.

Requests from the Client shall be answered promptly.

The relationship created by this Agreement shall be that of an independent contractor.

6. Term and Termination

Either the Client or the Copywriter may terminate the Relationship at any time, for any reason. 

If the Relationship is terminated by either by either party, a prorated refund representing Copywriter hours not used shall be issued.

7. Errors and omissions

The Client agrees not to hold the Copywriter responsible or liable for errors or omissions in the Services provided.

8.  Miscellaneous

The Copywriter assumes no liability for the actions or statements of the Client.

This Agreement replaces all previous discussions and verbal agreements between the Client and the Copywriter and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.

Modifications to this Agreement must be agreed to in writing by the Client and the Copywriter.


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